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To World Peace...

To all those whose world was shaken on the 11th of September,2001, a chapter finally comes to an end.

I still remember, watching the events unfold... it was just past six/seven o' clock in the evening,and as an 11 year old, I barely understood what was happening. My parents, of course, watched CNN broadcast the attack on one of the towers, and everyone was awestruck. And yet, as we were watching, another aircraft, flew straight into the other twin tower...
The world had never ever seen such a thing. Shock and awe it was indeed!

And as the twin towers (an emblem of America's financial power), came crumbling down, so did the dreams of hundreds of thousands... in one way or another.
For some it was the loss of a near/ dear one,for others it was the loss of a dream, but for all it would come to mark the end of a lot of freedom, peace!The start of a brand new era marred by claustrophobic security and surveillance, mis -trust, unrest, paranoia ... and of new age terrorism.

In the 9 and 3/4 years that have ensued, many many more have seen their world changed. Blodshed and violence has seen many an innocent smile turn awry, the land left bereft of it's children. Every single person has seen the shadow of terror... Be it the 26/11 attack on Mumbai or the blasts in Madrid,from Glasgow to Pakistan and Bali, terrorism has metastasised far and wide!

And so, the capture and subsequent killing of the world's most wanted terrorist reiterates that eventually, the 'Good' shall always triumph over 'evil'.
It marks the dawn of hope, and though there is many a mile left in this struggle, let's refrain from making it a battle.
Let's join hands, let's rise above petty disagreements, let's stifle the calls for divisions !
Let not geographical boundaries or religious biases divide us, but let love and humanity unite us!
Above all, let's GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!


DevilMayCare said…
nicely written....
thankuuu!!! :)

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