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Hello everyone!
Today, I'd like to share with you all, a real-life story that touched my heart!
I'll narrate the story to you in two main parts:

    Gaurav Awasthi's bright eyes attract your attention the minute you see him. He's like any other toddler, can be cranky at times, but there's nothing that a chocolate can't settle.
But he got dealt a rough deal.
Gaurav has been suffering from recurrent chronic multi focal osteomyelitis ( an infection of the bone). He has an i.v.line going through, right to his heart (the Hickman line), through which antibiotics are administered thrice a day! The infection has weakened his bone, and this has lead to pathological fractures ( a fracture which occurs as a result of trivial/minimal trauma).
Gaurav's parents unfortunately can't afford his treatment, one which has been going on for over a year now. His father works as a security guard at an apartment complex in Indiranagar, Bangalore, and with the modest income, he's faced with supporting his wife and an older child apart from looking after Gaurav's treatment.
Yet, Gaurav is, at most times, a sprightly young kid, unhindered by the infection that thrives within him, flashing a  smile to any one who offers him a sweet, those wide eyes taking in your face...

     All of us talk about such issues, Gaurav's case not being an isolated one, we talk about the state of affairs and how no one is doing anything about it, no one' s  making the change!
 And amidst all this apathy, Melvin Mathew Thomas, a 20 year old student from Bangalore decided to be that change!
Melvin first introduced us to Gaurav.
One fine day,( 10th April, 2011), he put up this particular photograph on Facebook, asking for volunteers to help, in literally, any which way!
And messages began pouring in. A group of youngsters lead by Melvin and guided by Mrs. Rema Raman (An educationist and  the former Principal, New Horizon Public School, Bangalore) got together to help make the change, a small bit in what will need to be a mammoth effort to help Gaurav get back on his feet.

And now we have recorded a small documentary which details the course of his illness, his parents' story and finally a small message cum request for help from the youngsters involved!
Below is the video, the final part titled: BE THE CHANGE CAMPAIGN

The entire documentary, titled " GIVE THE CHILD A DREAM", will be out soon ( couple of days hopefully)!
 The main aim behind this campaign and the documentary is to spread the word, to doctors, health professionals, people who've been through a similar situation and just about anyone else who can come up and support us.
Knowing that we have you standing by Gaurav is what counts!

Here I'd like to specially mention Melvin and his family who are currently playing an integral role in looking after the child, including giving him his medication. Melvin's determination to help the child has already begun to make a difference, and help has begun to come, but like I said earlier, there is still work to be done!

Gaurav is currently being treated by doctors at the Sparsh Hospital, in Bangalore.
Anyone who's willing to join us and help make the difference can contact:


Leave me a comment on this blog or e-mail me :

Let's join hands and ... Give the child a dream!!!


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