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Thursday, July 24, 2014

To Write InVerse

The blue sky, the bird and the butterfly,
In all their cerulean glory, for my attention do vie,
I strain my brain to not give a grain,
Putting to work all those years of train.

Teasing me with a sweep and caress,
The evening breeze seeks to ease my brows creased with stress.

Yet I persevere, hard and fast,
But I do fear my will won't last,
Alas, I have been at this for the day past.

Yet, to my master, I implore,
The myriad distractions shall you ignore!
Dear, hippocampus , I've a lot of work you see,
Do, I can't , all that which would set my spirit free.

And so despite the finger itch,
I must put in the next stitch.
Yet, I see how you're writing without a glitch,
And now the urge to have me read has reached , a fever's pitch.

Ah well, about physiology, (for now), the devil may care,
For I will pick up that pen and lay my thoughts bare.

I write, frigid and terse,
And out flows this rusty verse.

*to all the connoisseurs out there  :I do apologise for this is unintentional.
I very rarely do rhyme,
Not much more than  rosemary and thyme ;
The writing bug , occasionally I choose to nurse,
The result is this piece of poetry inverse! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014


I woke up this morning to the very reassuring news that govt MBBS doctors in Karnataka are to see a salary hike , and it will now see them cashing in on 60K a month!!

Yayy that's great news for my clan! And even more so for "MY CLAN" i.e. all those fresh MBBS graduates (read #babydocs, #jrdocs, #jrs) at the mercy of mankind, coursing through all of Dante's hells to arrive at the ultimate prize ... a PG seat!
( associated perks : fulfilled ambition, reinstilled sense of self worth, a job and a salary, recognition, a SPOUSE!!!, ... and I've also heard whispered in some corners 'Happiness!!')

And so as we course through this phantasmic journey, unmindful of the endless night duties, the thesis terrors, the next quest for DM/Mch and other what nots that will follow in the post PG life...!

As the rest of the world scales great heights ( specifically with regards to their bank accounts), we trudge along the dreary path where exams are mile stones and any, ANY, known pleasure is a potent stumbling stone, akin to that dreaded Snake on 99 that can barf you all the way back down to 0 on the game board :\

The journey is a thankless toil, a bootcamp, a nightmare all combined and magnified a hundred times...
You think I'm exaggerating , well here's an insight;
At ages 23-26 heres what "My Clan" is doing:
8am to 8pm reading and re reading all that was taught over a span of 5 and 1/2 years .. which is actually an amalgamation of everything that manking learnt from Hippocrates'(the Father Of Medicine) era to what the NEJM (or for that matter some other journal in some far corner of the world ) published as of this morning!.. this Ladies and Gentlemen is what comprises our"COURSE SYLLABUS"!

A far far cry from the happening lives of our peers! #nonexistentSocialLife
But hey, saving lives is no easy feat eh?!?
But yes none of us look as 'fab' trying to do so a la Jackson Avery...

That said Greys Anatomy has made this profession of ours more glamourous in the eyes of the lay man. Then again, the very famous 'On Call Room' of Sloan-Grey Memorial is not a reality in our day to day lives, nor do we run into a McDreamy or a McSteamy very often !!!( two questions absolutely everyone asks me when they realize I watch Greys)
Unfortunately Shonda doesn't script our day to days!

And as the rest of the world breaks new barriers, we are further bound and tied down by new legislations, malpractice insurances, bonds,QUOTAS, licenciating exams and the lot!
All as we try to follow our passion to learn more about this magnificent machine, the human body!

Yes, the general public is very distrustful of doctors, and definitely I accept not without reason , there are a fair number (that I've seen in my very short career thus far) who are in it for reasons that they shouldn't, and hence the apprehension is understandable. But by and large, there is a vast majority who are truly passionate and work very hard day and night! #truePassion

Yes eventually we might be able to afford that all elusive BMW #loveTheBMW , but that's after spending a good part of our twenties being largely broke (and perennially hungry) ;) ... #by2Coffee

And thus we work our way through countless books, solely focusing our attentions on Messrs. Harrison, Bailey and Robbins , adding 'dysdiadokokinesia' to our vocabulary, learning the 'idiosyncrasies' of life, and fighting the every day battle against- '5 and 1/2 years to become a hard core cynic'  (as a popular daily newspaper termed the MBBS course ), all because we will one day learn enough to qualify as 'good doctors' and serve the society.
 All because we truly love what we do!


Friday, April 19, 2013

The Season

... Came in as the summers' breeze,
first a whiff,then a caress;
and soon all was at ease.

Such was the magic, such was the charm,
the cold countenance melted,
leaving the insides soft and warm.

The spring flowers bloomed and the bees held sway,
the hues grew brighter each passing day.

The fairy lights i noticed like never before,
for you were with me for ever more.

But as autumn heralds a bitter chill,
dark clouds marooneed over yonder hill.

Quiet grew the songbirds,
the lesson in absence learnt;
your silence speaks louder than your words.

Friday, April 05, 2013


One bright and sunny morning, I wake up to the not so startling realization that the world around me is filled with fools!
Old fools and young fools, flowery fools and mute fools, tall fools and fat fools, pretentious fools, and a whole lot of plain ol' fools! There's just an epidemic of foolishness it appears, and if you don't walk around with all of your bodily orifices firmly plugged, you might as well catch it!

So once this happy realization has sunk in, and your mind is in the midst of a thunderstorm even as the sun outside bakes all and sundry, you try hard.... to 'reason'!
The what ifs, and yets, the maybes and the may nots..... your effervescent brain dons the garb of the 'Devil's Advocate'!
And so it was with me!
But argue as I may in the court of my mind, I have not much to say, for the defendant is the devil itself, a fool! A waste of time, of space and of my grey matter!
Were they made to entertain us or to annoy us, I know not, yet they're all around!
The company of fools doesn't auger well. An ominous saying.

I take a deep breath, let me not be swayed, they shall not lead me astray!
I calm the inner turmoil.
It's the heat outside that's leading me down this path I tell myself.
Yet my insides seethe  the fire refusing to be doused, fight I shall, my blood boils over, the nostrils flare, my blood shot eyes personify the deep anger. In one swift move, I can see the end of this. The means to this end lies right in front of me, all I have to do is to extend my arm... I do so, with slow, steady hands, and in one quick swagger i gulp down the bottle of cold water!
I settle down for a nap. When I awake the sun would've abated, and left behind a few lesser fools.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

SS-1, Chapter-4

The following morning, the lady woke up. The lawyer had left, for his morning walk.
 After a strong dose of caffeine and popping yet another aspirin, she turned her attention to his closet. The previous night’s coat having been identified, was given a quick yet thorough search. This going down in vain, she turned to the drawers, then  the night stand, the book shelf… her initial caution being abandoned, things were now flung helter skelter, the room in a mess.
The crucial piece of evidence remained elusive.
I’m being silly and paranoid!
Half relieved, half tired she sat down by the study.
 The neat velvet packaging was unmistakable. The blue box, the golden embossed logo, unmistakable…
Half an hour later, she was still sitting at the table, twirling it with her fingers.
Hell was beginning to take a human form.
Presently the doorbell rang, only to be replaced by the clattering of metal on tiled floor. The stones rolled out, and the intricately set pattern in pieces, what was left of the necklace lay limply by the wayside.
The lawyer stared aghast at his wife, their gaze met for a brief moment, her’s red with fury, his steeped in sorrow.
‘My dearest, for all the years of love, for all the battles we fought, and for all that’s to come in life, I love you!...’
 He held the note in his hand, she stared at it.
The sorrow in his eyes was unmistakable. The more he stood their looking into her eyes, the more it pained her… shamed her.
Her judgment had been hasty, without even a hearing. The prejudices of a feminine mind had cost her her better judgment.
Unable to deal with the riot within, she collapsed into his arms, a wave of relief washing over her, the serenity restored over her countenance.
As they stood there, at one with each other, at one with the blue skies, and the white mountains, time stood still in the valley.
As he eased his wife into the chair, he inwardly thanked the years he’d spent mastering his craft, after all, a lawyer had to hold a degree in trickery. The same facts can be made to look a little different in different light.
I love you… my dear Ms. X
So read the rest of the torn note that he’d retrieved, to show his wife, from the ruins of the jewellery box. But this part she’d never read. He crumpled it further in his pocket. The thought of the attractive brunette, an old client, relegated for now, into the archives of the brain.
And whilst the lady rested, the crumpled bit joined the fuel in the fireplace.

SS-1, Chapter-3

 The middle aged woman was deep in conversation with the Colonel’s son, a smart young lieutenant himself.
The lady walked around the pillar to get a better look at this stranger, but her effort was to be in vain, for some of her friends barged in between and struck up conversation.
A couple of drinks, a dance or two, and few random conversations later, the lady had quite settled into the flow of the festivities. Despite the strain of the past fortnight, she surprised herself with the amount of enthusiasm she could muster. And so, the gaiety continued… and it would have, had she not noticed the hems of the silver gown, yet again.
This time, the lieutenant had disappeared, but the woman was in conversation with another man, his back to the dance floor. Her face was pale, but the dark brown of her hair and eyes, coupled with the sharp nose, and high cheek bones made it an attractive package. Then there was that hour glass frame, the generous bosom. The long slender fingers brushed his coat’s lapels, before resting on his shoulder. As the pitch began to rise, she swayed gracefully, matching her moves to that of her partner, the lawyer.
‘It’s only a dance’, she thought to herself.
But she was soon heard, telling anyone who struck up conversation with her, that Ms. X powdered face had been conquered by the ‘crow’s feet’, the pearls were a fake and despite it being the first time that the lady had seen her, she assured some of the more na├»ve guests, that the woman in question had put on a good ten pounds in weight!
A dance rolled into ‘few dances’. The lady now had a throbbing skull, and it wouldn’t be long before she’d have to pop the aspirin.
It was as the particular number reached a crescendo, that she thought she saw Ms. X slip something into the lawyer’s pocket.  Their eyes, with only each other to gaze at, conveyed a million unspoken words.
The throbbing in the lady’s head was now a frank, incessant pounding.
Soon after the lawyer, was by his lady’s side. And seeing as she was quite unwell, they quietly retreated home.
Hell hath no fury, they say, as a woman scorned!

SS-1; Chapter 2

It was at one such lazy afternoon when quite a few ladies had gathered at her home for tea that the lady of the house first heard about Ms. X. A wealthy spinster, she came each winter to the valley, laid her manicured claws on an able male, usually labeled quite a ‘catch’, and after a blink-and-you-miss it romance in the valley, made away with him, into the dark under belly of the city below. Nothing more would ever be heard of her rich and handsome-prey, yet she’d return the following year, intact, her pristine smile et al.
This had happened very many times over the past decade or so. But no one spoke about it in front of her, for:
a.)  The valley people were well meaning, dignified, and didn’t per say probe into anything that wasn’t their business.
b.)  Well, Ms. X seemed to be quite high up in the echelons of power, or so it would seem.
And so this trend had settled into being the rumour mongerers’ staple.
“Age is surely catching up! The lines are showing on her face.”, the women recall.
“Ah! But she’s still quite a fine specimen. ”, the men retort.
 “But how is she even managing such swift divorces?”, wonders a local woman, out aloud.
To which, “Quick out- of- court settlements”, says the eminent lawyer, offering a technical opinion.
And so the afternoon is spent regaling the new comers with anecdotes about some of the more colourful aspects of valley life.
It was a further fortnight of routine valley life, when the missus got a distressing call. Her only sister had been taken sick, and was at the hospital. The sister being childless, it was up to the lady to be by her sister’s side. And so she did, packing her bags and going down to the plains, the very next morning.  She left the lawyer behind, seeing as there was no particular need for him, and either which way only one person would be ample to help her brother in law handle the affairs at the hospital.
A hectic ten days followed before she could take leave of her sister, who having spent a week being tested and treated, had now been eased into convalescence.
And so the lady returned, exhausted, yet eager to be back home. She missed her husband, after all, it had been quite a while since they had spent this long a while apart in their many years of marriage, speaking of which, there were only two days away from celebrating their Coral (35th) Wedding Anniversary.
Barely had she managed to unpack and find her bearings, than she found herself in the midst of much fanfare and celebration. This time it was to be the Annual Ball in the Colonel’s house, to mark the onset of local fete, which would culminate with Christmas.
They had gone all out with the festivities, she noted. The entire valley was shimmering with fairy lights, the cheer in abundance, and the colonel’s property was as resplendent as a newlywed bride!
It was in the midst of this fanfare that she caught sight of the flowing gown, and the striking figure it adorned.

Short Story

My entry for DH short story contest 2012

Chapter 1
“Nearly done, there you go!”, he commented, putting down the saw and admiring his handiwork. His tall frame was drenched in perspiration, but his eyes sparkled with the satisfaction of having completed his task.
Though a shade over sixty five, the former lawyer, thought his wife, looked… well resplendent. Despite the generous sprinkling of silver hair, the lines of wisdom which creased his temples, he still radiated the same powerful ‘something’ which drew her to him all those many years ago!
A shy smile homed in on her face, as the memories of the glorious past streamed in.
The first time she set her eyes on him, as a gawky eighteen year old in the bus, she thought him attractive, but it was only when they spoke, a long time later, that he truly won her heart. The courtship, the romance, she was well and truly swept off her feet. He was witty, intelligent, handsome, yet there was a mysterious something about his persona that drew people to this charismatic lawyer.
Having caught sight of his wife stealing a glimpse at her reflection in the window pane, the lawyer’s lips curled into a grin. He observed, her hair was swept back in a callous bun, her flowing dress held effortlessly onto her curvaceous figure, her once chiseled features now softened by age. Suppressing his analytically- trained brain, he just continued to stare, he didn’t need a reason to love that woman before him.
As the couple settled in with their hot mugs of coffee, on the front porch, the last rays of the season held them in warm embrace.
It had been nearly two new moons since the couple had moved into their retirement home in the valley. Having spent four or so decades carving out distinguished careers, raising their family and living amidst the general hullabaloo of life, the soul craved some calm and quiet. This being impossible to wring out of the hustle and bustle of city life, they had decided to abandon it altogether.
Their new cottage was nestled deep within a wood of oak trees, the gurgling river which fed the valley flowed a stone’s throw away, and the hue of the lilies sat in stark contrast to the pale of the environ.
The local community too, was well knit and warm. They had wasted no time in embracing this respectable couple, he a lawyer of repute, and she a dedicated teacher, who had retired as Principal of the Mission school.  The locals had gone out of their way to help the couple settle down, and feel at home. The post-retirement life was perfect.
  Life in the valley was simple. People didn’t crave power and prestige; they didn’t haggle in boardrooms, or fight power wars in the back rooms. There was no place for greed. They just worked hard, to earn a living and live their life…and that they did to the fullest.  
  So if the day was spent plying their trade, the evenings were spent in the pleasant company of friends and neighbours. So each evening, since their arrival, the couple had been ushered to and fro, once for a game of charades, then a garden party and so on. Despite all of this being quite novel to them, they’d quite enjoyed it. The food was sumptuous, the drink flowed, and the conversation eclectic. Their views, like life itself, were simple and the truth came out hard and straight.  
But as ever, amongst the women, gossip held sway. 

Tuesday, December 04, 2012


My dad, or Baba as I call him, has been and continues to be an inspiration. What he has taught me over 22 years, are the pillars of guidance and strength which I look upto both in rapture and despair.
The relationship I had with my dad, was not a very conventional one, at least I would think so. For starters I am very much like him, impatient and perennially in a hurry! So as you would imagine, we had our fair share of arguments, but the part I liked the best was, every argument could be settled with a ‘Sorry’ and a tight hug within the span of an hour if not sooner, and voila.. just like that we were friends again. This is one of the most important things I picked up from my dad very early on in life. If he, my dad, my hero, could apologise to me then I should never consider myself beyond an apology, and if I’m at fault I’m always ready to.

 Some of the other cherished memories are of going with him of Cubbon Park and Vidhana Saudha every Sunday, of going to kaka near National College for pineapple and bhelpuri. We sure did have a lot of fun.

The one passion my dad and I share is Sports. My dad was a very good sportsman; he dabbled in everything from tennis to hockey, football, table tennis etc. in his younger days, even going on to captain the Vijaya College crickets team (something he was very proud of)!  And so as I grew up, in a family of sports lovers, I too got drawn towards sports! So be it cricket or football or Formula 1 my dad and I would catch it, either live at the stadium or on the TV. If it was  a cricket match, our house would be packed with friends and relatives; shouting, screaming or praying, but having a great time nevertheless. And then there would be other times, we’d stay up through the night to catch a football match happening on the other side of the globe, and yeah, if I were supporting Manchester United he was sure to support the opponent, whoever be it! Even at school he encouraged me to take part in all the sports, and even though I never won as many medals at it as he did, he was definitely proud!

The last one and a half year, has been a very tough period for us as a family. With my dad’s health fluctuating, and with the numerous trips we’ve had to make to and from the hospital, it took a toll on all of us. We had our moments of disagreement, frustration and sheer disillusionment, yet his spirit, positivity and zest through it all was heartening. Each day, he would put in his best during physiotherapy, surround himself with people, and even on his last day, he promised my mother he would get back on his feet within ten days! And this coming from someone who endured  5+ surgeries and some incredibly bad luck during an 8 month period! And despite barely being able to walk, he was on top of his job, working from home for a significant part of this period!

Work and in particular TITAN, was the most important thing in my dad’s life, apart from family, and consequently TITANians have come to become an extension of our family. I wouldn’t call my dad a workaholic, because he was doing something he loved. Work was his passion, and so he always yearned to give more, or as is TITAN’s motto, ‘to be more’! And so the work he did, the relationships he built at work came to define him as a person. His commitment, integrity and genuine effort to put in his best for the company are a few of his traits I hope I can inculcate.

His energy and enthusiasm is perhaps something else people will remember him by, he was a ‘loud’ person with a booming voice, quite intimidating perhaps to people who didn’t know him that well. You never wanted to be the one to cross him ,yet I know him as a very gentle and kind human being. He genuinely loved and cared about people around him, and he loved having lots of people around. It would be fair to say, that he was the life of a party! And as for his friends, he always stayed close to his childhood friends in Shankarpuram, he cherished them and the memories and times he spent with them.
The bonds he formed through life teach me some of the more practical of life’s lessons.
My dad was never an overpowering figure in my life. He always stood there ready with guidance, yet he let me make my own mistakes; he would set down some ‘absolutes’, but the rest was for me to experiment and learn in life. He always gave me the freedom to choose for myself, but the earliest values my parents taught me are I suppose, the reigns that guide me. And so, I wouldn’t say he was my friend, but he most surely was a friendly parent.

Moreover, his words, that whatever you choose to do in life, if you do it whole heartedly, and put in your effort, nothing can ever stop you from reaching your goals. And this he taught me by example.

I am extremely proud of who my dad is, the way he lead his life, and I hope I can one day be both the daughter and the doctor he is very proud of!

Today, despite it being extremely sad without him, I do not mourn, for he always wanted the people he loved to be happy. I truly believe that he has moved onto a better place, yet I know he’s always holding us in a protective and loving embrace.
And as he sits there in his special place amongst the stars, watching us, all I want to say is “I love you Baba, and I always will, really really”.

To honestly put into words all that I feel about my dad, is next to impossible, and I’ll always feel that something is amiss, but for now, I ‘ve put in my best!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Best quote I read today...

As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let us down, probably will. You'll have your heart broken and you'll break others' hearts. You'll fight with your best friend or maybe even fall in love with them, and you'll cry because time is flying by. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive freely, and love like you've never been hurt. Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances. you just have to live life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone's hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, be a flirt, and smile until your face hurts. Don't be afraid to take chances or fall in love and most of all, live in the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back.


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