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The Season

... Came in as the summers' breeze,
first a whiff,then a caress;
and soon all was at ease.

Such was the magic, such was the charm,
the cold countenance melted,
leaving the insides soft and warm.

The spring flowers bloomed and the bees held sway,
the hues grew brighter each passing day.

The fairy lights i noticed like never before,
for you were with me for ever more.

But as autumn heralds a bitter chill,
dark clouds marooneed over yonder hill.

Quiet grew the songbirds,
the lesson in absence learnt;
your silence speaks louder than your words.


One bright and sunny morning, I wake up to the not so startling realization that the world around me is filled with fools!
Old fools and young fools, flowery fools and mute fools, tall fools and fat fools, pretentious fools, and a whole lot of plain ol' fools! There's just an epidemic of foolishness it appears, and if you don't walk around with all of your bodily orifices firmly plugged, you might as well catch it!

So once this happy realization has sunk in, and your mind is in the midst of a thunderstorm even as the sun outside bakes all and sundry, you try hard.... to 'reason'!
The what ifs, and yets, the maybes and the may nots..... your effervescent brain dons the garb of the 'Devil's Advocate'!
And so it was with me!
But argue as I may in the court of my mind, I have not much to say, for the defendant is the devil itself, a fool! A waste of time, of space and of my grey matter!
Were they made to entertain us or to annoy us, I know not, yet they…