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Bright Rainy Days!!! :P

It started off bright and sunny, sunlight bathed the country side (Hoskote in this scenario). The sun god was out to proove a point... and every bird and bee was out to make hay while the sun shone. The bright smiles were back, and the same roads which were deserted over the past week were invaded by a myriad of beings! It was poetic perfection!!! But, as the day wore on and the morn gradually gave way to noon... The Sun shone with unrivalled intensity. Perspiration dripped down the side of our faces, yet the acclamatised beings bore forward, not even batting an eyelid! Despite this assertion, the grey clouds came back at aboutv 4.00 pm, their ranksvreinforced, their hearts brimming with renewed vigour! The downpour began... and continues as I write! But hold it, just as my dance of joy began... voices of annoyance emerged: "Damn! This rain is such a P-A-I-N!" "The clothes'll never dry!" "The slush is crating a havoc on the streets!" "I'm totally dr…