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The rainbow nation has opened it's doors... and the footie armada enters the realms of the once forbidden 'Dark Continent'!... and the superstars, the think tanks behind them and the super swank arm candies, the WAGs, are all on board!Can you hear the vuvuzelas!!!
As I write this, we'are only 25 mins away from the kick off of football's quadrennial extravaganza, with this edition starring Lionel Messi, the African Nations, Spain and the debutant(who has thus far been talked about the most)- Jabulani
So as excitement overpowers oneand all I give you 5 reasons why you just shouldn't miss it!!!... So here goes, in no particular order,... 1. It's time for Africa... as the lyrics of Shakira's song go! With it's tumultous history, turmoil and isolation having been synonymous with them in the past, this symbolically seals their place along with the rest of the world!The country has left no stone unturned for this one-of-a kind carnival, and one can only wait…