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VERBAL DIARRHEA: CWC 2011-2nd Quarter-Final!

CWC 2011... It's the Big quarter-final, the Indians take on the Aussies!'D'-day, it sure is for a lot of people, namely: Ricky Ponting, for reasons galore!, MSD... he may still hold the record as our most successful captain but, if he fails to nail this one, lot's of tongues are going to wag; Tendulkar, we may think he's eternal, but hey, 4 more years is stretching it a bit too much, the organisers: 'coz if the hosts get knocked down, get set to bid adieu to half your revenue... and last but not the least, Zaheer Khan, as he tries to banish the ghosts of the '03 final (all you people who sat cringing in your seats as he bowled endless overs, I'm with you... sigh!)
But like they say, it's an all new ball game down in the middle at Motera! The Aussies are not indomitable, then again they've ingrained the ability to grit it out in the big games. Their fielding, as is known, is top class... and though a lot has changed over the past 4 years ... as an …