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The Shining Star

Cristmas is that time of the year when the earth is embraced with love and warmth. Through the ages Christmas stories have lit a fame of hope in the hearts of millions. The following story is my tale, a tale that is sure to leave you feeling nice and warm inside. So read on and Enjoy!!!
Merry Christmas!!!

Night had fallen and little blobs of light dotted the night sky. The Season of Joy had dawned and the festive cheer held the city in a warm hug. Little Abbie sat on a stool by the window, alternately doing her math homework and counting stars, the shining stars that dotted the windows of the little flats in the big apartment complex opposite to her home.
She had counted twenty eight stars, when, she saw a huge Christmas tree being carried down the street. She jumped up and ran to the door, holding it ajar, she stared longingly after the tree till it vanished beyond the ramparts of the apartment complex. Her field of view was replaced by noisy, boisterous and harried Christmas shoppers. …