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“Ma, I can’t find my new ear-rings!”
“I left it on your bed Alisha.”, comes my exasperated reply.
“Ayaan! Just bring it right back… Ma!!!”
“Ayaan, return your sister’s stuff please!”, I command my son.
These kids! Sigh!
There is a crisis in the house. It’s packed with half a dozen teen aged friends of my daughter’s. They’re here, in all earnest, to help me with the arrangements for Alisha’s birthday party, but I dread to think about the state of our house once they’re done.
Presently the ancient clock announces the onset of 4 o’ clock in the evening, chiming it’s age old tune, ushering a familiar sense of anxiety within me. I have always been one who does things in the ‘T’th hour. The breakneck pace, the adrenalin rush and the sheer exhilaration of it all, I confess, gives me quite a high. And thus yet again, I’m about three hours behind schedule, preparing for a party at 5 pm and with well over two dozen things to be ticked off the list…And my ‘helping hands’ are becoming more of a handica…