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I turned 21 yeaterday... and like I say, it ain't that different from 20... age is but a state of mind!
Parents, Gran, Ahish and Kav, Bhat, BG, Sreeji, Shadab were there... and thanks to everybody for all the wishes!!! :D..
Missed lee!!!

Spent a substantial amount of time replying to the msgs today ;)
The RCB-KKR match was great fun too... Saw SRK!!!
Rilee waved at us, so did a couple others!!!

Anyway, tried to do a pilot of the up coming 'Big trivia'(football), but turned out to be a New horizon trivia game... went on upto 3 am!!!
Awesome memories from the back benches those were!!!
NHPS rocks!!! ... It's given me all my awesome buddies( Sreeji's part horizonite [convert :P])!!! Will always always LOVE that place!!!...

Wanted to say all this yesterday, but was drainded!!!


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Hello everyone!
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Gaurav Awasthi's bright eyes attract your attention the minute you see him. He's like any other toddler, can be cranky at times, but there's nothing that a chocolate can't settle.
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