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Hey guys!!!!I've just started a new segment on this blog and it's called VERBAL DIARRHOEA! Why? Because it typifies what I am and what I've been writing off late! What? It's basically my take on the happenings around, a warped opinion basically! When? Well, as of now I'm planning on making it a monthly segment... but who knows... might make it bi-monthly... it really depends on the time I can make and the fodder I can gather!!!Sigh! Of course, the pieces literature shall be churned out... but as far as now goes, the sarcasm, cynicism and the ideas that nobody else will listen to needs an outlet... So here goes!!!
Hope u find it fun and refreshing!!! Cheers guys!!! Nive :P

Verbal Diarrhoea: CWG 2010- My take

The IX CWG touted India’s Games has drawn to a close … the roof stands intact and neither has the floor collapsed beneath anyone’s feet!Indian athletes turned in a stellar performance with 101 medals … and the imperialists, the English… in honour of whose conquests these games are held were pushed to third after a tooth and nail battle which went on right up to the finish!But all this, as is common knowledge, has come at quite a price, 70,000 crores to be exact!!! The brick bats came 1st , thick and fast … dirty loos, leaky stadiums and varying standards of hygiene ensured that the CWG got all the publicity, albeit quite a bit of it was uncalled for. But I suppose in today’s world, and I’m sure all you starlets out there will agree, it’s the publicity that counts and ‘good/ bad’ part of it is essentially secondary!And so as the world media poured in, and the rain continued pouring in (into the stadium)… the OC ran helter skelter to mend the leaks (again both literally and figuratively…

2010 FIFA WC- My Take

The dust has settled on Africa and silence befalls the 'dark continent' ... But not before it's streets were painted red and gold and it's once sleepy towns got the taste of the true 'fiesta', Spanish style!Yes the much talked about FIFA WC in South Africa, saw Spain being crowned as the 'Campeones del mundo' or World Champions for the very 1st time!!! :D La Furia Roja, after lying on the threshold for decades have risen to the annex the coveted trophy! Well, the final has been discussed and debated by pundits... but here I'd like to focus on the 'fan moments' or in other words the things that made this game(in particular) and the entire tournament(in general) special for me!

So here goes: 'THE DREAM FINAL' Netherlands vs Spain, like I mentioned in my pre tournament article, these were my 2 favourite teams and voila, who should make it to the final but them...! Cesc Fabregas and that I'm crazy about him is a well documented fact ;) and…


The rainbow nation has opened it's doors... and the footie armada enters the realms of the once forbidden 'Dark Continent'!... and the superstars, the think tanks behind them and the super swank arm candies, the WAGs, are all on board!Can you hear the vuvuzelas!!!
As I write this, we'are only 25 mins away from the kick off of football's quadrennial extravaganza, with this edition starring Lionel Messi, the African Nations, Spain and the debutant(who has thus far been talked about the most)- Jabulani
So as excitement overpowers oneand all I give you 5 reasons why you just shouldn't miss it!!!... So here goes, in no particular order,... 1. It's time for Africa... as the lyrics of Shakira's song go! With it's tumultous history, turmoil and isolation having been synonymous with them in the past, this symbolically seals their place along with the rest of the world!The country has left no stone unturned for this one-of-a kind carnival, and one can only wait…

Review- MNIK

My Name is KHAN…It’s regular Bollywood fare, yet perhaps somehow, just like the protagonist can sense his beloved’s presence by the merest whiff of her perfume, one can tell…can tell that Rizwan Khan’s tale is one with a difference!Set in the post 9/11 era, it traces one man’s journey, his journey to keep his promise, to prove his innocence and a journey, beyond all, to win back his only love.This Johar movie has all it’s essential ingredients in SRK, Kajol and the Shankar-Ehsan-Loy music and background score, it’s got the singing of ‘Hum honge kamyaab’ in a foreign land and is yet again based in America… Yet it comes with a difference. The tone is perhaps a shade obtuse and the message is delivered full on and blunt (the only way that Rizwan Khan identifies with). But perhaps, it’s because in today’s world there is no place for subtlety. Our ears are deafened by thunderous explosions, our vision blurred by blood stains and our intelligence obscured by prejudices, it leaves one with n…
THE YOUNG SOLDIERIt’s the crack of dawn, the day is yet to break.The young soldier is up and about,all is at stake.
It’s a bright day, the warm cheer has spread.The young are exultant,their rapturous hearts have nothing to dread.
But oh young soldier, why art thou still?Has not the mirth reached you?Does not your heart long the same thrill?
Yet you stand there,Unperturbed by the festivities abound.Your soul oblivious to the music and sound.You smile a patient smile.But ‘ere you can plunge into the gaiety,there is yet a while.
For in the line of duty, you lay down your best years.Thus enabling the rest of us to be at peace and bide more years.

The sun beats down,it’s glory exalted.But you carry on,your steadfast march not halted.

The eyes of the enemy look on,With fire in their arms and hatred so near.Silhouetted for now,but ready to emerge and cast the veil of fear.
Yet you stand there,Oh brave knight!Be it the coldest of days,or darkest of nights.