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The Sands Of Time...

It gushes forth, a harried flurry then a steady drizzle.
Yet as I peek though the hourglass , my mind is at  a standstill.
 The last few grains trickle by unflinched.

A journey into your mind

Into your mind i peek,
Yet I  hear not the speak.
The myriad oddities you do utter,
While you smile and mutter.
I know not what goes on out there.
Boiling in your minds inner lair.
But as I look into yonder,
I can't help but wonder,
Oh dear boy, what is it that you need,
To my medicines will you not heed,
And yet you battle each day,
To understand or to be understood I can't say.

Through the annals of history I pore,
You're story so unique yet shared by so many more.

From Bleuler to Schneider,
Sure our knowledge has grown wider,
But yet not can I tell,
The voice will be banished to hell.

But m'lad,
This is the journey we embark upon,
For every night has a dawn.
And so it shall be,
The caverns of your mind one day light shall see.