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Verbal Diarrhoea: CWG 2010- My take

The IX CWG touted India’s Games has drawn to a close … the roof stands intact and neither has the floor collapsed beneath anyone’s feet!

Indian athletes turned in a stellar performance with 101 medals … and the imperialists, the English… in honour of whose conquests these games are held were pushed to third after a tooth and nail battle which went on right up to the finish!

But all this, as is common knowledge, has come at quite a price, 70,000 crores to be exact!!!

The brick bats came 1st , thick and fast … dirty loos, leaky stadiums and varying standards of hygiene ensured that the CWG got all the publicity, albeit quite a bit of it was uncalled for. But I suppose in today’s world, and I’m sure all you starlets out there will agree, it’s the publicity that counts and ‘good/ bad’ part of it is essentially secondary!

And so as the world media poured in, and the rain continued pouring in (into the stadium)… the OC ran helter skelter to mend the leaks (again both literally and figuratively :P)… Then the magical fairy-godmother (the Delhi CM) finally woke up and flicked her wand and… voila!... the chaos settled leaving in it’s wake some spick and span rooms… and some much required sense of calm!

Ah well, despite this the foreign media complained, about dogs, mosquitoes, food, bacteria, weather… and well far too many things to fit in here… but the athletes trickled in… and finally the focus of the games did shift... i.e. to ‘the games’!!!

And now with 101 prized scalps in the kitty, 38 of them the bright yellow kind, the OC sits snugly even as the government ponders as to how to clear the mess that’s been pushed under the carpet (literally and figuratively, yet again!!!)

And though the dust has barely settled after the games,the clamouring has begun for the big fish…the Olympics…!

Well, for starters with merely 6 individual Olympic medals, only one of which is gold, it’s going to be a far steeper battle for us at the Olympics… and it’s going to take a lot more than Wizcraft, A.R. Rahaman and highly enthusiastic school kids delivering a Grade –A opening ceremony to pull off this one!

So dear IOC, invest your money wisely and how bout spending a fraction of the 70- whatever crores on nurturing the likes of Suronjoy, Saina, Tintu, Dola, Ashwini, Punia and co!

Staging the games can wait, but for a country brimming with talent, the medals can’t!

But if we do stage these games, here are 3 things to be avoided: [;)]

  1. Thanking Princess Diana… agreed she’s probably unforgettable and despite the opening ceremony being a celestial show… it still doesn’t make sense!
  2. Royally expensive toilet paper… ‘coz as long as it serves the purpose, no one’s complaining!
  3. Lalit Bhanot…!!!

… yeah and the broadcasters must be forced to get a few knowledgeable experts please!

India put in an inspired effort no doubt, but the higher echelons of sporting glory is still some way away!

Well, it may be said that the end justifies the means, but not if it means swindling the honest tax payers' money... does it?


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