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It’s the crack of dawn,

the day is yet to break.

The young soldier is up and about,

all is at stake.

It’s a bright day,

the warm cheer has spread.

The young are exultant,

their rapturous hearts have nothing to dread.

But oh young soldier,

why art thou still?

Has not the mirth reached you?

Does not your heart long the same thrill?

Yet you stand there,

Unperturbed by the festivities abound.

Your soul oblivious to the music and sound.

You smile a patient smile.

But ‘ere you can plunge into the gaiety,

there is yet a while.

For in the line of duty,

you lay down your best years.

Thus enabling the rest of us to be at peace

and bide more years.

The sun beats down,

it’s glory exalted.

But you carry on,

your steadfast march not halted.

The eyes of the enemy look on,

With fire in their arms and hatred so near.

Silhouetted for now,

but ready to emerge and cast the veil of fear.

Yet you stand there,

Oh brave knight!

Be it the coldest of days,

or darkest of nights.

The seasons shall fade,

the waves shall abate.

And still oh young soldier,

you behold our fate.

And so the sun has set,

the enemy worn out by your will.

But you oh gallant martyr,

will continue with your night vigil.

As sleep descends,

like a drape spread across the sand.

Your young and brave spirit,

shields our beloved land.

Dear young soldier,

I salute thee.

For as one who can lay down his life for others,

Indeed great is ‘he’!


Deepa Vaishnavi said…

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