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Monday, April 04, 2011


22 years, 453 ODIs and 18,111 runs and the prize is finally his!
Sachin- 'The Cricketing God'- Tendulkar stands tall amidst the shower of confetti, on home soil, proudly holding aloft the cup...- a sight no Indian fan can ever erase from memory!
Every time Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar walked out to bat this series, the reception was thunderous, but the man himself too seemed to be on a mission, to annex the elusive crown, the 6th attempt just had to get him there! And get him there it did! Finishing as the tournament's 2nd highest run getter, destiny couldn't have written a better script.
As one of the lucky few ones who witnessed the Maestro at his best (during the tied match against England @ the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in B'lore), trust me when I describe it as 'exhilarating'! The man has an insatiable quest for the game and the game itself seems to have anointed him her favourite son... Why else would fate hand him so many lives, as in the match against Pakistan?!
Nevertheless, she couldn't have chosen a better person, for Sachin's -'white as chalk'- record for over 2 decades stands testimony to the spirit with which he has played the game, a true ambassador for sport as at large!
Now, sitting at the foot of yet another peak (the 100th ton), Sachin is most definitely in a league of his own! But, such seems to be the calibre of this man that even at this juncture, he remains just as grounded as he was at 16!
India couldn't have asked for a better icon! Throwing himself around the field like a teenager, eagerly jogging up to to bowl and lethal as ever with the bat, SRT defies all logic, which is why I choose to call him an enigma!
Virat Kohli summed up a nation's emotions after the final when he said," Sachin has carried the burden of the entire nation so far, now it's for us to carry him!"... But. Sachin being who is never probably saw it as a 'burden' and so all we can say is 'Little Master, Jai Ho!!!'

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