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VERBAL DIARRHEA: CWC 2011-2nd Quarter-Final!

CWC 2011... It's the Big quarter-final, the Indians take on the Aussies!
'D'-day, it sure is for a lot of people, namely: Ricky Ponting, for reasons galore!, MSD... he may still hold the record as our most successful captain but, if he fails to nail this one, lot's of tongues are going to wag; Tendulkar, we may think he's eternal, but hey, 4 more years is stretching it a bit too much, the organisers: 'coz if the hosts get knocked down, get set to bid adieu to half your revenue... and last but not the least, Zaheer Khan, as he tries to banish the ghosts of the '03 final (all you people who sat cringing in your seats as he bowled endless overs, I'm with you... sigh!)

But like they say, it's an all new ball game down in the middle at Motera!
The Aussies are not indomitable, then again they've ingrained the ability to grit it out in the big games. Their fielding, as is known, is top class... and though a lot has changed over the past 4 years ... as an Indian fan, one can't help but have some misgivings 'bout taking them lightly!
India though on the other hand seem to have it all, but just can't figure out in which order to get them in, and I say this both literally and figuratively!
(It's like having all the answers to all the questions but you just don't know what goes with what, a bit like 'match-the-following'!
...And so as all our experts across the land( both pseudo as well as real) debate as to who should get down to business come 2.30 this afternoon, it' s upto MSD and Gary Kirsten to take a real hard look at this game... of Chess!Get your knights and dark horses in order! 'Coz today every sport is won as much in the back room strategising as it is on field!... All this said and done, one may have the most air-tight plan but if it ain't executed properly, it's amounts to nil!
And so, as the whole nation prays, refusing to budge from their thrones with 'expert advice' dropping off their mouths, I pray, 'Guys please concentrate on this match first, Pak comes only later! Please don't set your brains on snooze as soon as the batting power play is taken,... and as much as we love fun and excitement, we can do without a nail biting, yo-yo ing finish; and lastly please do refrain from the urge to commit hara-kiri!'
.... Hope we win!!!...


Monu Awalla said…
we won! yippee.. Well for the sake of True sportsman spirit- "Sorry Kangaroos! better luck nxt tym.. Now its Pakistan's turn u know, so we need to focus on that..Bon voyage!" Yo! :):)

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