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Thursday, June 01, 2006

I Don't know

Phew! life soo fast.
It's already June 1st and just 6 more days and it's back to class.
I'm a little nervous 'bout going to college, but very excited as well.
I'm trying to compose a poem :

Life, Life,Life!!
The journey called life,
'mazing, excitin' & adventourous,
that's what 'twas meant to be.
so enjoy life and make the best of it,
try all you can,
coz after all you're also a man.

Well this is all i could manage.

Watchout for this space for moreand definately Better compositions.

1 comment:

horizonites said...

hey nive,
the poem isn't all that bad .i didn't understand the something about being a man.