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Friday, July 16, 2010

2010 FIFA WC- My Take

The dust has settled on Africa and silence befalls the 'dark continent' ... But not before it's streets were painted red and gold and it's once sleepy towns got the taste of the true 'fiesta', Spanish style!
Yes the much talked about FIFA WC in South Africa, saw Spain being crowned as the 'Campeones del mundo' or World Champions for the very 1st time!!! :D
La Furia Roja, after lying on the threshold for decades have risen to the annex the coveted trophy!
Well, the final has been discussed and debated by pundits... but here I'd like to focus on the 'fan moments' or in other words the things that made this game(in particular) and the entire tournament(in general) special for me!

So here goes:
Netherlands vs Spain, like I mentioned in my pre tournament article, these were my 2 favourite teams and voila, who should make it to the final but them...!
Cesc Fabregas and that I'm crazy about him is a well documented fact ;) and despite having spent more time on the bench, his contribution after coming on 3 minutes from the end of regulation time won him many more fans!Enough can't be said about him. And if a talent like him can't be squeezed into the Spanish mid field, it speaks but volumes about their class!
He's currently one of the best passers in the game,assists are his forte and he has inculcated a new confidence when it comes to scoring as well, and at 23, the world is at his feet ( which I sincerely hope remain firmly grounded).
Even if I weren't a big fan of his, this 'Barsenal/ Arselona' star (well! don't blame me... doubt he himself can decide where he wants to be :P)... surely is a great talent!
He's "Mr Nice Guy" too... the Nike Cesc Fabregas Show promotional video may say he is no longer so... but my heart says he is, I mean come on!!!
And add the chocolate- boy... drop dead gorgeous looks (DDG)... we have one helluva guy!!!
Whichever club he chooses to go,he ( and the club, for the duration of his stay) shall have a staunch supporter in me!

Hail La Masia... they can well start their own army of footballers!
Not enough can be said about this training academy which has churned out more than 80% of the current crop of players. Iniesta, Cesc, Pique, Busquets, Messi.... wow!!!... and not to mention the legend Pep Guardiola himself!...
P.S. : This is coming from a Real Madrid fan... but allegiance might be shared in the near future for obvious reasons!

The game as such... Agreed if you say it was dirty, but full marks to the Dutch for the agressive approach, they gave it their all... their faces told a tale by the end of the match! As a fan of the game, this was a better final because the Dutch were in the hunt right till the end and at times looked to have the upper hand as well!
This, in contrast to the semis against Germany, where the pocession lay with the Spanish alone and the Germans were merely scooting from one end to the other, reduced to mere spectators... Almost like the Spanish were giving them a lesson on passing and pocession play!

The 'Guard of Honour' by the Dutch...
...if they played an ugly match, they still had the spirit of sportsmanship to come out and stand in honour as their opponents came back onto the field to celebrate!
It's difficult when you loose, but to appreciate your vanquishers is altogether different!

It's long been Catalans vs Madridians and so on...
But this team sees Red and Gold above all else, the camaraderie is for all to see... so for those of you who don't know, i won't even name who the players from the different clubs are, and for those of you who do, well, you'll agree with me that team has at it's core an important mix of both sides... !!!

Missed Raul Gonzalez... !!!
Mr. Real Madrid continues to be, even as i write this, Spain's top scorer... Villa is only a goal away ... and will sooner or later go past the record... But Raul is more than just a name in the record books!
For his efforts in the times before Spain saw silverware, and because I still think he has something left in him to give the game, I missed him a great deal!
Raul at his best, was feared a lot more by the defenders in those days than if 10 raging bulls had come right at them!
For also being the one of the main reasons I first started following the Spanish...!!!
Hope Raul can quench his thirst for silverware with the club whose given him a life long contract at least this season!

Last but not the least ... the fans of the La Furia Roja...
and hey! I don't only mean you guys dancing away in plazas across Spain... there are many more equally passionate fans, for example, your's truly! ;)