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2010 FIFA WC- My Take

The dust has settled on Africa and silence befalls the 'dark continent' ... But not before it's streets were painted red and gold and it's once sleepy towns got the taste of the true 'fiesta', Spanish style!Yes the much talked about FIFA WC in South Africa, saw Spain being crowned as the 'Campeones del mundo' or World Champions for the very 1st time!!! :D La Furia Roja, after lying on the threshold for decades have risen to the annex the coveted trophy! Well, the final has been discussed and debated by pundits... but here I'd like to focus on the 'fan moments' or in other words the things that made this game(in particular) and the entire tournament(in general) special for me!

So here goes: 'THE DREAM FINAL' Netherlands vs Spain, like I mentioned in my pre tournament article, these were my 2 favourite teams and voila, who should make it to the final but them...! Cesc Fabregas and that I'm crazy about him is a well documented fact ;) and…