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Monday, June 19, 2006


Ever heard of Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite?
No?Well, you'll soon learn 'bout him.
But, if yes, then "Welcome!", you've caught what I call the "Kaka' Syndrome".

Since the 9th of June, when the world's 2nd largest and practically most loved sporting spectacle kicked off, fans have bid "au revoir" to Zizou, Ronaldo,Becks and Raul...........,coz KAKA' is the now the biggest thing in World football.

This 24 year old, now a part of Brazil's famous 'Magic Quartet' along with Ronaldo, Ronaldinho & Adriano, is still in the infancy of his superstardom. Every day more and more people are catching this epidemic called the "Kaka' syndrome".

I first heard of Kaka' about 10 months ago,when, though a prodigy, he was still playing second fiddle to the likes of Schevchenko at AC Milan's San Siro Stadium.I then knew very little about him and saw him play only a handful of Champions' League matches. Over the ensuing months, it was through the internet that I satisfied my curiosity and learnt more about Kaka'. Even then he was still the prodigy waiting to burst out on stage and showcase his talent to the world.

As the World Cup drew nearer , Kaka's name began to emerge ,first a whisper,then a little louder, from quarters closely associated with the game.Kaka' now was officially my favourite foo'baller replacing Deco. Influenced by me a couple of friends started following Kaka' and were they impressed!

Finally,as the much fancied and obvious favourites for the '06 World Cup, Brazil came out to play their first match, I watched with baited breath, to see Kaka's magic. And Kaka' scored...............

So, on the morning of Brazil's next match, I was shopping for Football Jerceys on M.G. Road, a couple of fellow fans arrived and asked for 'Ronaldinho', ' Messi' jerceys.Amidst this "Do you have a Kaka' jercey?", I queried. A Kaka' jercey was produced at my behest.
In a matter of minutes Ronaldinho and Messi were forgotten and everyone were trying to get their hands on the Kaka' jercey!!

Later that evening Brazil were to play Australia.Prior to the match everyone was rooting for the likes of Ronaldinho and Ronaldo.The lone Kaka' supporter was drowned and lost.
But a short while into the match, and the very same people were screaming,"Go KAKA'!!!!!","Wow, KAKA'!!!!!"

Kaka's magic on the field had cast it's spell.The Kaka' Syndrome was again out at large.

This 24 year old, has left no one in doubt of his talent.Kaka' is indeed the man to watch out for this season and will surely reign, both on and of the pitch.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

I Don't know

Phew! life soo fast.
It's already June 1st and just 6 more days and it's back to class.
I'm a little nervous 'bout going to college, but very excited as well.
I'm trying to compose a poem :

Life, Life,Life!!
The journey called life,
'mazing, excitin' & adventourous,
that's what 'twas meant to be.
so enjoy life and make the best of it,
try all you can,
coz after all you're also a man.

Well this is all i could manage.

Watchout for this space for moreand definately Better compositions.