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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

This people is a Hula Hoop!
I've wanted to learn how to twirl it for some time now, and i managed to get my hands on one today... But boy! It's tough!
Anlil' bit of history, the Hula Hoop has been around for a while now, gaining in popularity in the early 20th Century... It's apparently named after a popular Hawaiian dance form, famous for the 'hip shaking'!  It's a popular toy with kids, and for adults an effective form of exercise(especially for all of you cribbing about that adipose walking by your side )!!!
Well, I've bet I can do this, and I'm no Shakira... so well, it's a big ask!
But like the YouTube video i watched said, 'patience is the key'!!!
But, challenge accepted!
I'm on it guys, and shall master it over the next 3 months ;)!!!
Keep you posted!