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Friday, June 11, 2010


The rainbow nation has opened it's doors... and the footie armada enters the realms of the once forbidden 'Dark Continent'!... and the superstars, the think tanks behind them and the super swank arm candies, the WAGs, are all on board!Can you hear the vuvuzelas!!!

As I write this, we'are only 25 mins away from the kick off of football's quadrennial extravaganza, with this edition starring Lionel Messi, the African Nations, Spain and the debutant(who has thus far been talked about the most)- Jabulani

So as excitement overpowers one and all I give you 5 reasons why you just shouldn't miss it!!!...
So here goes, in no particular order,...
1. It's time for Africa... as the lyrics of Shakira's song go!
With it's tumultous history, turmoil and isolation having been synonymous with them in the past, this symbolically seals their place along with the rest of the world!The country has left no stone unturned for this one-of-a kind carnival, and one can only wait with baited breath as the marvel unfolds!

2... and speaking of 'marvels', Messi 'll be there!
Before the WC circus began the footballing world has been centred around Lionel Messi and Barcelona! Despite Inter Milan having emerged as the champions of Europe, all the talk has centred on the Los Cules! And so, for those of you who can't shrug off club football, fear not, la furia roja has the flavour of Barcelona (have you checked their squad, it's all Barca with the exception of a handfull!)
And as for Messi, the stage is set, it's now for him to rise to the occasion!

3. The 'jabulani'
If anything can rival Messi in terms of newsprint dedicated to it, it's the jabulani, the official WC ball!
The makers call it 'revolutionary', the players think it'll take nothing less than an authentic safari to hunt this fellow down, and keep it under their control.
Well, if you want to see whether or not the jabulani will 'bend' to the will of it's masters... FIFA WC 2010 is the place to be!

4. Maradona, Dunga, Capello, Lippi, del Bosque... it's as much about the coaches as it's about the players.
The men who control all the super stars, will decide what brand of football shall be played this time round!

5. Free flowing football, 'total football',like Cryuff's men! Spain are almost there, the flair, the confidence, the panache, their beautiful to watch... but after decades of being the 'dark horses', they rose to the occasion at Euro '08... but can they shine in the limelight on the 'ultimate' stage... or will they fade away as the perennial underachievers???

... whatever be the reason, it's time for us all to shun the differences, and embrace ... 'the beautiful game'!!!

My favourites:
1. Spain (Duh!!!)
2. Netherlands... it's about time really!( but robben?!?!)
3. Logic says Brazil... mind says Argentina, and heart says England!
But what I'd like most of all to see is a country who've not had this honour before to take the crown this time round!