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Monday, August 18, 2008

Okay... so please don't remind me when the last time i penned anything( well virtually) on this blog was! The primary reason being 'Cornerpost' which has been the centre piece of my life over the past few weeks.

Okay so let's get things updated:
Jan, Feb, March... God only knows! It was one big Blur!!! Studying/Exams /Studying/Exams/Marks/Heartbreak/Headache/Slog that's all I remember... actually I don't really remember Like I said it was a phase of dullish grey, with little golden sparks... Golden sparks with blue blobs! The blobs signify anxiety... it's this thing wherein you really feel guilty for doing something( fun) when you actually are supposed to be doing something else (in my case prepare for my exams), the end result being you do neither!!!...
Okay one hurdle crossed as March '08 faded into oblivion.. the boards ... at least my say in them was history!!!

Well April, my body metabolically gets tuned into the holiday mode, but alas!... more exams came my way!
MAHE,AIPMT,CET........ and then on the 19th tone and a half hours after my CET exam my bags were packed... n I set off for Kasargod with Friends!... What fun!!!
This is my birthday month!!!!!!!
A'right now Cesc Fabregas, my favourite footballer/ dream guy ;)... is May born being exactly 3 years and 10 days older than I;)
So, guess what happens!... on that exact day I've got an exam.. well i dunno if I had any sort of 'Fab' luck that day but one thing the world can be rest assured is that ... Phew... Was i relieved!!!
I remember spending that entire evening gobbling down food... without having a hollow sensation in my stomach for something like the first time in ... well, months!!!
Dosas upon dosas ... and topped it of with Pizza with Ahish!!

Then the mad fury of 'HOLIDAYS' set in ... add to that minute scurrying that pending b'day shopping demands.... and tra la la .... I was 18!!!
.... all the euphoria, gifts, family, frnz, fun ....!!!
But trust me, 18 feels no different from being 17 yrs and 364 days;)
... ok, joking... but it's not much different from the other adolescent years!