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Wow! The cool day breezes and the chilly nights are indeed a refreshing change after the monotonous hustle and bustle of daily city life. Ootacamund or Ooty provided a necessary diversion for my soul, which was knotted up in affairs of modern teenage city life.

26th, MAY
We bid a temporary adieu to B'lore, and set out towards the hill country. An endless journey through traffic laden streets........and almost five hours later, we rose through the pollution and met the clean environment of Ooty (that's still a relative statement!!!!)
The usual boat rides and trips to the botanical gardens followed.The water in the lake was unexceptionally filthy but the botanical gardens were unusually clean.
If this was the difference I don't know, but, every part of the lake was open to us Homo sapiens, but a lot of the gardens was not!!!

But the bright side to all this was:
Plastic/ polythene and all it's variations is banned in this hill station ......and what's more surprising is t…