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Nerves! Don't they haunt you exactly when you don't want them to?
Well, I guess that's life.
2nd May,2006. My first show, BEYOND THE LAND OF HATTAMALA at RANGASHANKARA. We enter from the door on the right, somewhere up in the middle of the proscenium.I'm jittery and there are butterflies,catterpillars,worms and anything else you can think of in my tummy.This, not only because it was my first show but also because I'm extremely accident prone. And running right through the audience is no joke.Absolutely not!My Mum and Uncles and aunt were in the audience, watching.My dad was out of station.The turn out was mediocre.

Well, the show began,and running behind Amjed(the best actor on show) I tripped only once, well, surprisingly with no major repurcussions.The scene 2, I slip again but manage to camoflauge it well.
But the luck was short lived!
About 35 minutes into the play BONG!I bang into a hotel signboard while exiting into the right wing.But exitement beats pain, and I&…


My First Theatre Experience

Phew! It’s summer all right. The exams have been busted and it’s time to soak up and enjoy the pleasures of life. ‘But who can stand sitting idle for a couple of months like parasites?’
So, it’s time for teens like us to explore and experiment with various things, try our hands at different skills or just master that one skill we’ve always had the knack for.
While there are the usual options like swimming, dancing, singing, cricket and football to bust the summer heat and boredom, some opt for rather unusual ones like dirt bike racing, kalaripayattu, horse riding and gardening. Well, I really can’t decide as to which of the two categories to put theatre under but I can definitely vouch for one thing—it’s bin a lot of fun!
This is my first tryst with theatre and BEYOND THE LAND OF HATTAMALA, being produced under the URJA banner, is my first play. This has not only offered me a plethora of opportunities but also h…

My Off guard Guardian Genie

My off guard guardian genie
Ever heard of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’? Yes? No? Well right now I’m with them. No, not as their Guest of Honour, but as a prisoner, and all this thanks to my dear little ‘Guardian Genie.’ Thud! I fell of the bench and landed on the hard wooden deck. No! I didn’t wake up from a dream to find everything hunky-dory, I had just slipped of the bench.“Well?”, I thought looking at ‘Mr. Cool Genie’, sitting on the arm of the bench and whistling. It’s at least not the first time my ‘Birthright (Off guard) Guardian Genie has made sure I land in a mess.It all started fifteen years ago, when I arrived on this planet, all cute and cuddly. But the very same day my ‘Birthright Guardian Genie’ also arrived. If you think he is this sweet ‘n’ cute genie, clad in a white tunic and with a wand in his hand, then I’d say “Mate, you got it completely wrong!”Our man dresses up in an LA Lakers jersey, shorts, Fastrack eye gear, baseball cap and sneakers. He does not have a wan…