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My dad, or Baba as I call him, has been and continues to be an inspiration. What he has taught me over 22 years, are the pillars of guidance and strength which I look upto both in rapture and despair. The relationship I had with my dad, was not a very conventional one, at least I would think so. For starters I am very much like him, impatient and perennially in a hurry! So as you would imagine, we had our fair share of arguments, but the part I liked the best was, every argument could be settled with a ‘Sorry’ and a tight hug within the span of an hour if not sooner, and voila.. just like that we were friends again. This is one of the most important things I picked up from my dad very early on in life. If he, my dad, my hero, could apologise to me then I should never consider myself beyond an apology, and if I’m at fault I’m always ready to.

 Some of the other cherished memories are of going with him of Cubbon Park and Vidhana Saudha every Sunday, of going to kaka near National Colle…